Baker's Point Family


Bakers Point Family


We will work with you on training and development and build a career path that best suits your skillset. We have had many team members who have been with our family for years. Some started with us as a counter staff and worked their way up to being the Branch Manager.

Our People

We believe a respectful, empathetic working environment is crucial to creating a positive team experience. From monthly store competitions to celebrating staff birthdays, we strive to create a fun, diverse and respectful working space.

Shabbir Nurbhai


Juzer Shabbir Nurbhai

Head of Marketing

Japheth Samoei

Head of Accounts & Finance

Wesley Aketch

Head of Administration

Training & Development

 We are passionate about educating and developing our employees using a comprehensive and hands on training program. Our goal is to develop and grow each team member in a diverse, fun and warm environment which isn’t hard. Our training is based on our belief that “we sell our customer friendliness, not cakes and foods.